Uber and TEAM Coalition

Techniques for Effective Alcohol Management (TEAM) Coalition announced that Uber has joined the non-profit alliance promoting responsible drinking and positive fan behavior at sports and entertainment facilities. TEAM Coalition provides employee training in effective alcohol management to more than 50,000 employees of stadiums, arenas and performing arts centers each year. TEAM also manages the Responsibility Has Its Rewards campaign which encourages sports and entertainment guests to have a plan and prevent drunk driving, which may include taking rideshare, being a designated driver, having a designated driver or using public transportation. From 2014 to 2019, the annual count of sports fans and concert goers participating in responsible fan programs exceeded 1 million.

Uber’s membership expands the reach of the responsibility message and engages more guests of sports and entertainment events. Multiple studies have shown that Uber has contributed to a decrease in alcohol-related traffic fatalities in the United States. In 2019 alone, Uber reduced alcohol-related traffic fatalities in the U.S. by 6.1%. This life-saving benefit translates to $2.3–4.5 billion dollars.

A national study out of the University of California showed that Uber reduced alcohol-related traffic fatalities in the U.S. by 6.1%, equating to 214 lives saved in 2019. And a study in the Journal of American Medical Association showed that motor vehicle collision traumas decreased by 38.9% for individuals under 30 years old after Uber was introduced in the market.

Uber offers a rideshare option for fans to attend concerts and sporting events without the risk of driving drunk. Collaboration among TEAM members provides a multitude of opportunities to reward responsible drinkers and encourage consumers to utilize rideshare to get home safely.

TEAM Coalition is an alliance of 23 organizations, including professional and collegiate sports, entertainment facilities, concessionaires, stadium service providers, the beer industry, broadcasters, governmental traffic safety experts and others. Its members are united by a shared mission to enhance the entertainment experience, provide effective alcohol management training in public assembly facilities and promote responsible alcohol consumption through the use of positive messages that reward responsible behavior and help to reduce negative alcohol-related incidents both in facilities and on surrounding roadways, recognizing that the vast majority of fans are responsible.