10 Things To Speed Up Exam Processing

Please take a look to see if there is anything else that you, the trainers, can do to help us process your exams more quickly and efficiently. We are working as fast as we can to get your results back to you. If you have questions about any of these items, please do not hesitate to email us at info@teamcoalition.org.

1. Allow enough time for processing.Any requests we receive for rushed processing slow down the system for everyone else who planned appropriately. Please allow at least 10 business days from the day TEAM Coalition receives your exams to the day you receive the results. Plan accordingly when planning your training classes and scheduling your staff to work. Annually, the first 3 rush processing requests per organization at each facility will be accommodated without a fee. A rush processing fee of $50 per session will be charged for requests 4 to 10. A $100 fee per session will be charged for requests 11 and beyond (hopefully not to infinity!).

2. Send your exams and evaluations as soon as possible after you conduct the session.Do not hold on to exams in order to send everything at once. Exams get lost and receiving 400 exams at once is more difficult to process on time than receiving 50 or 100 exams each week for a month.

3. Send complete session rosters.We cannot process exams with an incomplete or missing session roster. The session roster tells us the location, trainer name(s), date and times of the training and the accounts and facilities represented by the people you have trained. Please send exams clipped to their corresponding session roster.Click here to download a blank session roster.

4. Double check and ensure all bubbles are filled-in correctly.Please make sure that there are no duplicates and all contact information is bubbled in correctly. Please consider providing your employees with pencils with erasers for the exam. Mistakes made in pen slow down processing.

5. Make sure that your employees fill in the Date of Birth field or Social Security Number fields correctly.These are not required, but encouraged strictly for identification purposes only. If employees do not want to share this information, then please make sure they leave it blank. TEAM Coalition does not share or sell any of our training data.Click here to see our privacy statement.

6. Remove all completed exam and evaluation forms from exam packets.They should be torn out carefully to avoid damaging the forms. Exam questions do not need to be sent to us.

7. Send exams and evaluations stacked separately.Separating the exams from the evaluations in advance of sending your package saves significant exam processing time.

8. Make sure you have enough manuals on hand before your training.We can overnight ship manuals to you (expensive to ship) if necessary. Any participant exams received on photocopied forms will be invoiced at $20 each. The labor and time involved in grading photocopied exams is significant. It slows down the time to process all exams received. Please ensure you have enough TEAM Participant Manuals for your training session. Please contact TEAM Coalition immediately if you do not have enough exams to allow all participants to take the certification test.

9. Scan the exam forms before sending and ship using a service that allows tracking.Packages can get lost in transit, and these are two ways to keep the data from getting lost.

10. FOR MARYLAND TRAINERS ONLY: Make sure participant exams include a LEGIBLE address or email address entered on the back of the exam form.We cannot complete exam processing without it!

Remember that TEAM training participant manuals and exam questions (including Level 1 and Level 2, and extra state-specific questions) are available in Spanish. The training PowerPoint is also available in Spanish. Make sure to have those on hand well in advance of your training session.