Employee Certification

Employee Certification

Now that I’m a TEAM Certified Trainer, how do I certify my employees?

Employee certification for facility employees is divided into two levels. Level 1 is for all facility job functions that do not touch alcohol. Level 2 is for alcohol servers, hawkers, bartenders and suite attendants. Certification for both levels expires three years after passing the certification exam.

Why should I certify my employees?

The most exciting aspect of this program is the certification of all employees. The benefits of certification are enormous to a program of this magnitude. Facility insurance claims, premiums and liability suits are drastically lowered when facilities are trained in alcohol management. Certification provides a tool for improving employee morale, as certification cards validate that employees play a critical role in alcohol management, the quality of the organization, and the safety of the community. TEAM provides an independent third-party test grader which ensures credibility, while also removing the administrative burden from the facility. The facility will be able to track the training progress of each employee through TEAM’ reporting process. In addition, certification also provides a “reasonable efforts” defense in the event of a liability suit.

What are my options for employee certification?

Trainers may chose to certify their employees by hosting in-person training sessions or utilize the online solution for employee certification. The pandemic has increased the demand for online employee certification. When the sports and entertainment industry returns to a more normal situation, we anticipate that in-person sessions will return. Online employee certification can be used to recertify returning employees or to quickly certify new hires or those who cannot attend the scheduled session.

In-Person Certification

Trainers may schedule in-person training sessions to certify their employees. These sessions are held at sports and entertainment facilities across the country. TEAM does not set a minimum or maximum number of participants for the training session. Some trainers take advantage of the seating bowl and video board to certify hundreds of employees at once.

  • Level 1 Certification requires two hours of lecture followed by a 20-question certification exam
  • Level 2 certification requires three hours of lecture and a 30-question certification exam
  • Trainers mail the exam forms to TEAM Coalition, 1800 Diagonal Road, Suite 600, PMB 1084, Alexandria, VA 22314
  • Exams are graded and results are shared with the trainer within 10 business days of receiving the exams

Upon completing the IDP and passing the trainer certification exam, trainers receive all the materials they need to conduct in-person training. The trainer binder has all the information trainers must share during they training. Trainers will receive the customizable training PowerPoint presentation, a library of video scenes, a refresher course to challenge recertifying employees, a jeopardy-style game to review the course content and the session roster. Participant manuals are the only thing trainers need to purchase in order to host a TEAM training session. Every employee needs a training manual to become TEAM certified. Included with the manual is a certification exam. Manuals are sold in quantities of 50. Prices for manuals are based on the trainers’ relationship with TEAM Coalition.

Online Certification

Trainers may choose to certify their employees using the online tool. Trainers must customize the standard online training product for their facilities’ specific alcohol service policies, fan code of conduct and policies and procedures regarding alcohol.

  • Level 1 online certification requires approximately two hours to complete, including the 20-question certification exam
  • Level 2 online certification requires approximately three hours to complete, including the 30-question certification exam
  • Employees receive a completion confirmation certificate; certification cards are sent to trainers along with the results
  • Results are uploaded into the TEAM training database and results are shared with the trainer on a weekly basis

At the IDP, trainers learn what they need to do to customize the online tool for their facilities. Click here to learn more about setting up the online employee certification tool. Access to the online employee certification tool is sold in quantities of 50. The prices for access displayed below are per person. But access is sold in quantities of 50 people.

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