TEAM Training Product Prices

As a non-profit organization, TEAM strives to offer sports and entertainment facilities the most comprehensive and up-to-date training program in effective alcohol management at the lowest possible cost. The funds TEAM receives from facilities who purchase the training materials and certify their employees allow TEAM to operate and continue to enhance its programs.

Training prices depend on the relationship between TEAM Coalition and our training customers.

  • Member Customers
  • Non-Profit Organizations
  • Member Affiliates
  • Associate Members
  • Non-Members

Member Customers

Member organizations contributing at the $100,000, $50,000 or $25,000 tiers of annual membership dues.

Non-Profit Organizations

501c3 venues and 501c3 organizations staffing concession stands on behalf of a concessionaire.

Member Affiliates

Member Affiliates are the teams, clubs, tracks and universities of members contributing at the $15,000 tier of annual membership dues. This category also includes members of IAVM or SMA are also affiliate members.

Associate Members

Member organizations contributing at the $7,500 tier of annual membership dues.


Any organization that is not a member of TEAM Coalition, neither affiliated with any TEAM Coalition members nor a member of IAVM or SMA.

Denver, CO Coors Field IDP in April 2019

Cancellation Policy

  • $0 penalty for cancelling more than 3 days in advance of workshop
  • $100 penalty fee for cancelling within 3 days of workshop
  • $200 penalty fee for no-show

Complimentary Registrations for Host Venues/Organizations

  • 1 free registration for 9 or less attendees (1-day IDP)
  • 2 free registrations for 10 – 20 attendees (2-day IDP)
  • 3 free registrations for 21 – 30 attendees (2-day IDP)
  • 4 free registrations for 31+ attendees (2-day IDP)

Online with Brainshark

(Bundle of access prices listed are per person)

Participants will receive an emailed completion receipt. Certification cards are sent to trainers along with the results.

Participant Manuals

(prices listed are per manual)

Bradenton, FL Pirate City IDP in Nov 2019

Special Circumstances Exam Processing = $20 per exam

The labor and time involved in grading photocopied exams is significant. It slows down the time to process all exams received. Please ensure you have enough TEAM Participant Manuals for your training session. Please contact TEAM Coalition immediately if you do not have enough exams to allow all participants to take the certification test.

Rush Processing

These special requests slow down the turnaround time for standard processing. The rush processing fees are as follows:

  • Free for requests 1 – 3
  • $50 per session for requests 4 – 10
  • $100 per session for requests 11+