Online Employee Training Set-Up

Thank you for your interest in the TEAM online employee training program. We are very excited to share this option with our trainers! Each facility must have a certified TEAM trainer on staff in order to use the online training resource.

Employees will need access to the internet to complete the training. Both TEAM Level 1 and Level 2 trainings are available online.

The online exam immediately follows the training program. Employees receive a completion confirmation certificate. Regular training reports will be emailed to the trainer. Trainers will purchase training access in bundles of 50 and share the link with employees.

The online employee training program is designed to be customized for each specific company and facility. We need your help to personalize this for your company and venue. If you are ready to go, then please answer the questions below so that we can get started!


Start with the basic template for TEAM Level 1 or TEAM Level 2 training. Level 1 is designed for employees who do not serve alcohol. The online program will take no more than 90 minutes to complete. Level 2 is designed for alcohol servers (including non profit workers) and will take no more than two hours to complete. Throughout the online program, employees will learn about all the same concepts of TEAM training that are shared with the face-to-face training.

Step 2:

Customize the template for your facility.

  • Venue policies
  • Incident reporting procedures
  • Code of Conduct language
  • Most frequently purchased and highest ABV beer, wine and spirits


Select vignettes to engage your employees in the most interactive component of the online training program.

Select three (3) Assessing Guests vignettes.

Select three (3) Evaluating Responses vignettes.

Cool Guy

The Gate


Link to the certification exam and send the link to your employees, non-profit workers and third-party staffing providers.

  • Employees receive a completion confirmation certificate
  • Trainers receive weekly reports of certification results
  • All online training results are uploaded to online training database, all your data in one place

Please submit your information below.

Online training set-up requires a minimum of 3 business days. Customized design (background color, logo, and font colors) requires an additional 3 business days.

Online Employee Training Set-Up