TEAM Coalition is the sports and entertainment industry leader in alcohol management.

We offer:

  • Unique collaboration across industry segments and public entities to share best practices and create systemic change
  • Full-facility, customized alcohol management training which turns risk reduction into an improved guest experience
  • Consumer programs that empower responsible fan behavior through branded opportunities and incredible rewards

All TEAM Coalition members contribute $15,000 annually in membership dues.

Membership Benefits

  • Members are recognized as leaders among premier organizations in sports and entertainment industry, prioritizing alcohol responsibility
  • Members have direct access to data analysis from training product results and shared best practices among members
  • Members coordinate messaging with Strategic Partners

TEAM Coalition provides a robust list of Reasonable Efforts to ensure professional and collegiate sports, entertainment facilities, concessionaires, stadium service providers, the beer industry and distillers do all they can to promote responsible drinking and positive fan behavior. The primary reasonable effort that TEAM offers is alcohol management training. Member organizations receive significant discounts on the cost of the training for facility managers to become TEAM certified trainers and for facility employees and non-profit workers to become TEAM certified employees.

Customers of TEAM alcohol management training experience the following benefits:

  • Minimize alcohol-related incidents in venues and crashes on roadways
  • Promote family atmosphere, fan enjoyment and safety
  • Help to prevent underage access to alcohol
  • Help to ensure compliance with alcohol laws at the state, county and city agencies
  • Alert venue staff to liability issues
  • Members have ownership of Responsibility Has Its Rewards (RHIR) campaign & sweepstakes
  • RHIR sweepstakes are customizable from individual events to league-wide, season-long programs
  • RHIR sweepstakes bring together sponsors at a local level for a unified league-wide prize
  • Sweepstakes prizes align fan engagement with responsibility
  • Unique communications effort combining responsibility messaging with in-venue/online pledge program