Responsible Fans at the 2020 NCAA FCS Championship


TEAM Coalition traveled to Frisco, TX for the 2020 NCAA Division I Football Championship on January 11, 2020 to reward fans who made the Responsibility Has Its Rewards pledge to:

• Always Buckle Up – Every Trip, Every Time
• Never Drive Drunk
• Always Have a Designated Driver
• Never Provide Alcohol to Anyone Under 21

Fans from all over the country gathered at Toyota Stadium in Frisco, TX to watch the North Dakota State Bison take on the James Madison University Dukes. NDSU defeated JMU for its eighth, record making, FCS title. Before the game, 110 fans from both schools autographed the responsibility wall as their pledge and smiled for a souvenir photo while enjoying the pre-game festivities at Tailgate Town. The 45 photos taken were shared via email and text forwarding as well as social media. The photos were viewed 58 times, and average of 1.4 views per photo.

FCS 2020-01-11 11-19-23AM
FCS 2020-01-11 10-59-12AM
FCS 2020-01-11 10-19-23AM
FCS 2020-01-11 10-18-33AM

Each NCAA fan who made the pledge to drink responsibly was also entered for the the chance to win a $100 gift card. The program kicked off the new year with an excellent reminder that Responsibility Has Its Rewards.

The success of the ‘Responsibility Has Its Rewards’ campaign is a direct result of the commitment from our members and all the responsibility program partners, including the universities, venues, concessionaires and government agencies. Teamwork is what this campaign is all about. We are demonstrating that when everyone – including the fans – takes responsibility, everyone wins.Jill Pepper, Executive Director, TEAM Coalition


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  • In 2018, 10,511 people were killed as a result of alcohol-related (BAC > 0.08) car crashes, an decrease of 3.6% from the 10,908 fatalities in 2017.
  • Many, if not most of those lives would have been saved if people did not drive when they were impaired by alcohol or if they used sober, designated drivers or if they simply wore their seat belts.
  • Statistics and research clearly show that 21-34 year old males are the demographic most likely to be involved in an automobile crash, drive when impaired by alcohol, and fail to buckle up.
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