Jack Daniel’s, Nashville Predators Promote Raise One Million ARMs


Jack Daniel’s and the Nashville Predators joined TEAM Coalition in promoting responsible drinking last week as a part of the Raise One Million ARMs campaign. While the Predators earned two wins on the ice versus the Coyotes and Avalanche, a total of 287 fans pulled off a responsibility hat trick, making the #DontDriveDrunk pledge.

Outside of Bridgestone Arena, fans added their names to the Responsibility Wall to demonstrate their commitment to keeping the penalties on the ice and off the roads. Every fan who made the pledge and signed the wall had the opportunity to receive a souvenir photo, instant prizes and the opportunity to enter the Raise One Million ARMs sweepstakes.

All the responsible Predators fans were entered to win a prize pack – including branded items from Jack Daniel’s and TEAM Coalition.


TEAM Coalition
TEAM Coalition