Pledge to Relax Responsibly Rewarded at Rams Game


Responsible Rams fans entered the Corona Extra Responsibility Has Its Rewards (RHIR) Sweepstakes at the Los Angeles Rams vs. Chicago Bears game at the LA Memorial Coliseum on Sunday, November 17, 2019. Fans autographed the responsibility wall and smiled for a souvenir photo as their pledge to prevent drunk driving. Corona Extra and TEAM Coalition are partnering with the Rams all season to promote responsible drinking at the Rams home games.

Ramscorona 2019-11-17 15-25-12PM
Ramscorona 2019-11-17 15-34-29PM
Ramscorona 2019-11-17 16-31-11PM
Ramscorona 2019-11-17 16-34-25PM

131 fans made the pledge to Relax Responsibly – never drive drunk and always have a designated driver. One responsible fan was randomly selected as the weekly grand prize winner of the RHIR sweepstakes. The prize included a $250 gift card.  The 53 photos taken have been shared 61 times via text forwarding and social media.

Congratulations to Mary-Ellen Oswald, the prize winner for the Relax Responsibly RHIR Sweepstakes at the LA Rams vs. Chicago Bears game.

Constellation Brands wants those attending sporting or music events to enjoy them safely and responsibly. We are thrilled to work with TEAM, an organization providing training, communications and consumer programming to encourage responsible fan behavior resulting in a great experience for everyone.Jim Ryan, Senior Vice President, Corporate Affairs, Constellation Brands Beer Division

The success of TEAM Coalition is a direct result of the commitment from our member organizations, the companies which promote messages of responsibility and guests who participate in responsibility programs. Teamwork is what this organization is all about. We are demonstrating that when everyone – including the fans – takes responsibility, everyone wins.Jill Kiefer, Executive Director, TEAM Coalition

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TEAM Coalition
  • In 2018, 10,511 people were killed as a result of alcohol-related (BAC > 0.08) car crashes, an decrease of 3.6% from the 10,908 fatalities in 2017.
  • Many, if not most of those lives would have been saved if people did not drive when they were impaired by alcohol or if they used sober, designated drivers or if they simply wore their seat belts.
  • Statistics and research clearly show that 21-34 year old males are the demographic most likely to be involved in an automobile crash, drive when impaired by alcohol, and fail to buckle up.
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