Christy Verbosky – 20 Years at TEAM Coalition


2018 NHL All-Star Game, Tampa, FL

2013 New England Patriots recognize Responsible Fan for the Season before final home game.

For twenty years you have given your heart and soul to this organization. You are our backbone, our lighthouse and more often than not, the life-preserver that keeps us afloat and thriving. You are as relentless when track down outstanding payments due as you are when finding ways to save money. You have crisscrossed the country for countless activations – photographing fans with gloves, bats, balls, pucks and race cars. 

And you’ve done it all with passion, conviction and a smile that is unmatched.

Thank you for making TEAM Coalition part of your beautiful family. We love you and hope that you will continue being our MVP for another 20 years!

2019 Stakeholders meeting, Philadelphia, PA

2005 MLB All-Star Game, Detroit, MI. One of our first photo activations. Yes, that’s a Polaroid tucked inside a folder.

2007 Super Bowl XLI, Hard Rock Stadium, Aaron’s first Super Bowl.

2012 NASCAR race at Richmond with Miller Lite.

2016 MLB World Series, Cleveland, OH

2006 Super Bowl XL, Detroit, MI. Our first Super Bowl.

2018 Buffalo Bills win the NFL Responsibility Bowl, again.

2016 NBA Finals Game 3, Cleveland, OH

2019 MLB All-Star Game, Cleveland, OH

2016 Delaware North corporate meeting.

2012 NBA Finals Game 1 Miami, FL

2018 MLB All-Star Game, Washington, DC

NFLX in Miami before Super Bowl XLI

2004 NASCAR race at Michigan International Speedway.

2007 Super Bowl XLI, Miami, FL. Jody and her med school crew joined the TEAM.

2019 NBA Finals Game 1, Toronto, ON

2014 NASCAR back at Richmond, this time with Jordan Jiloty and Brad Keselowski.

2016 Buffalo Bills win for the AFC East Responsibility Challenge.

2019 World Series Game 1, Houston, TX

2016 MLB All-Star Game in San Diego, CA