Online Alcohol Certification for Servers

If you will sell or serve alcohol, it is important to get certified in an effective alcohol training. Alcohol service does involve risks and it is important to be prepared. There are numerous laws and regulations concerning alcohol requirements and knowing the proper steps to take will help protect and make you invaluable to your employer. Anyone who touches alcohol in an establishment that holds a liquor license should be certified in alcohol management. Not only will this make your application stronger when applying for serving jobs, but also provides you with the skill set to identify impaired guests, prevent drunk driving, and protect yourself against legal implications.

What is the TEAM Server Certification?

TEAM Coalition is a sports and entertainment industry leader in effective alcohol management training. The Server Certification will equip those who handle alcohol with the skill set required by many venues. Certification will be valid for three (3) years upon completion and passing the exam.

What does the Online Server Training from TEAM Coalition Require?

You can complete the training at any time. The online certification requires approximately two (2) hours to complete, including the 30-question certification exam.

You will need a strong connection to Wi-Fi and a device such as a computer, tablet, or smart phone. Further details and completion instructions will be provided upon registration.

How much does it cost to get certified?

The TEAM Coalition Server Certification will cost $20.

How do I know if I passed?

After you finish the exam you will receive a certification of completion. We will review and confirm that you have met all the completion criteria and upload your results into the TEAM Coalition Database. Please allow 2-3 business days for processing. Your results will be emailed to you directly.

Does my state have any state-specific laws?

Click here to review state-specific laws and regulations.

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