Summer 2021 Coalition Meeting Membership Votes: Sponsorship Support Services Proposal

Sponsorship Support Services Proposal

The Sponsorship Support Services would provide a new revenue source for TEAM Coalition. The projected responsibility program expenses are based on the 2021 sponsorship agreements between beverage alcohol TEAM members and member leagues as well as the 30 MLB Clubs supported by TEAM Coalition.

Vote Protocol

  • Quorum of members must participate: 12 of 22 member organizations
  • To pass, simple majority must affirm: 7 of 12
  • One vote per member organization
  • Votes must be received by Monday 6/14/21 at 5 PM ET
  • Results will be announced to the membership via email on Tuesday, 6/15/21
  • Results will be reported publicly in the June 2021 TEAM newsletter which will be issued on Wednesday, 6/16/21