Summer 2022 Stakeholders Meeting Materials

23 member organizations may cast ballots. A minimum of 12 members must vote to validate the elections. At least 7 Yea votes are required to approve any decisions. All votes must be received by 5 PM ET on Monday 6/6/2022.

  • Fiscal Year 2023 Budget

    Fiscal Year 2023 Budget

    Expected FY 2023 Revenue = $904,169

    Revenue Assumptions

    • All 23 member organizations pay dues at current membership tiers
    • 36,000 facility employees become TEAM-certified (combination of online and in-person)
    • 120 trainers become certified at Instructor Development Program (IDP) workshops
    • 40 trainers become re-certified online
    • $40,000 NHTSA grant

    Expected FY 2023 Expenses = $839,058

    Expense Assumptions

    • $480,000 in salaries, benefits and operations ($40,000 monthly operating expense)
    • $80,000 in staff time to manage responsibility programs for member leagues and baseball Clubs
    • $75,000 for Brainshark, Glimmernet and training video edits in support of training
    • $28,000 for travel to member events
    • $121,058 in loan repayments (close out EIDL)
    • $40,000 for NHTSA traffic safety ad buy with
    • $15,000 for member events

    Expected Net Income = $65,111

  • Vice Chair

    Vice Chair

    Kevin Tedesco, Aramark, is on the ballot to become the Vice Chair of the Board of Directors:

  • Training Committee Chair

    Training Committee Chair

    There are no candidates for the Training Committee Chair position currently. That position will remain vacant until we identify the right candidate to serve in the role.

  • Training Products Price Changes

    Training Products Price Changes

    The Training Committee has recommended the following changes to TEAM training product prices.

Voting Results


Yea Nay Abstain Passed
FY 2023 Budget 14 1 0 Yes
Vice Chair 17 0 0 Yes
Training Committee Chair – nominations only N/A N/A N/A N/A
Training Product Price Changes 17 0 0 Yes