Alcohol Management Training Process

TEAM training is the newest employee-focused, full-facility alcohol management program available to sport and entertainment facility managers. It has combined the wisdom of industry operations professionals from MLB, MLS, NASCAR, NBA, NFL, NHL, NCAA, Live Nation, Americrown, Aramark, Delaware North Sportservice, Legends, Spectra, IAVM and SMA. TEAM training represents the most comprehensive thinking about alcohol management. The TEAM program encapsulates a highly effective approach to preparing facility operations managers to train alcohol servers and event-day employees to manage the sale, service and consumption of alcohol at public gatherings.

The TEAM mission is to reduce alcohol-related injuries and fatalities in and around public assembly facilities and on the nation’s roadways by promoting the responsible sale, service and consumption of alcohol. We work to accomplish this through alcohol management training and “responsible fan” education materials.

Dallas IDP at AT&T Stadium

  • Trainer Certification
  • Employee Certification

TEAM training utilizes a train-the-trainer approach. Facility operations, concessions, and human resources managers attend a train-the-trainer workshop called an Instructor Development Program (IDP) in order to become a certified TEAM trainer. The standard registration fee for an IDP workshop is $750. Discounts are available based on specific affiliations. See Prices for more information. After passing the certification test, trainers can train the TEAM alcohol management program to their employees for a certification period of two years.

Trainers must recertify every two years. Online recertification is available if a trainer has conducted at least four sessions or certified at least 80 employees during their current certification period. Every other recertification must be completed at an IDP (every four years trainers must attend the workshop).

Employee Certification

TEAM training for facility employees is for every employee working on game/event day. Whether employees serve alcohol or not, they are additional sets of eyes and ears to observe guests to ensure they are drinking responsibly and following facility policies. Employee Certification is divided into two levels.

The most exciting aspect of this program is the certification of all employees. The benefits of certification are enormous to a program of this magnitude. Facility insurance claims, premiums and liability suits are drastically lowered when facilities are trained in alcohol management. Certification provides a tool for improving employee morale, as certification cards validate that employees play a critical role in alcohol management, the quality of the organization, and the safety of the community. TEAM provides an independent third-party test grader which ensures credibility, while also removing the administrative burden from the facility. The facility will be able to track the training progress of each employee through TEAM’ reporting process. In addition, certification also provides a “reasonable efforts” defense in the event of a liability suit.

There are in-person and online solutions for employee certification. Any venue, team or league interested in experiencing TEAM Training, should Contact Us and start planning your facility’s future. We are confident this program will reduce alcohol abuse incidents at your facility, and improve the guest experience.

New Trainer?

Recertifying Trainer?

  • Determine if you meet the qualifications to recertify by taking the online exam
    • Qualifications to recertify online
      • 80 people trained and/or 4 sessions conducted
      • Only available for trainers every other certification period (every four years)
  •   If you are not eligible for online exam, register and attend an upcoming trainer workshop (IDP) taught by Master Trainers
    • Receive and review updated training materials

How to customize Training?

  • Insert your venue policies, procedures, and reasonable efforts into the TEAM Training PowerPoint.
  • Determine the most frequently purchased and highest ABV drinks available sold at your venue and fill out charts
  • Select 3 Assessing Guests vignettes to review in training
  • Select 3 Evaluating Responses vignettes to review in training
  • Insert an example of your incident report form
  • Insert your State specific information
  • Add pictures and/or videos that will enhance content
    • Ex. Insert pictures of valid IDs or pictures to help explain Absorption Rate Factors

Policy Customization

Determine how you plan to implement the following policies into your venue.

  • Minimum age to check IDs
  • Maximum drinks per ID
  • Alcohol Service cut-off times for each type of service (Hawkers, Clubs, Special Events etc.)
  • ID types acceptable for alcohol purchase
  • Max serving size
  • Alcohol in tailgating area
  • Incident reporting process
  • Denial of service guidelines
  • Outside alcohol found at bag check or inside the stadium

Reasonable Efforts

Work to implement all Reasonable Efforts including but not limited to the following:

  • Responsible Fan/Designated Driver Program
  • Offering alternative transportation
  • Secret shoppers
  • Signage and communication through code of conduct
  • Checking bags at gates
  • Offer communication channels for fans to report incidents

In-Person Training

  • Order Manuals
    • Each employee must have their own manual
  • Schedule training session at your facility
  • Complete session roster
    • Trainer name
    • Training location
    • Date & Time of training
    • List each participant
  • Conduct Training
  • Employees take certification exam individually
  • Submit bubble sheets AND session roster to TEAM
    • 1800 Diagonal Rd. Suite 600 PMB #1084 Alexandria, VA 22314
    • Recommended to have a tracking number
  • Receive results 7-10 business days from when TEAM receives package

Online Training

Receiving results and employee certification cards

  • You will receive your training results and certification cards via email
    • You may photocopy or scan certification cards for employee personnel files
  •  You will be sent a retake exam for any employee who did not pass the exam
    • Administer the test to these individuals again and send exams to TEAM
    • Employees only have one try to retake and pass the exam. After that, they must retake the entire course again
  • Upon passing the exam, employees are certified for a period of three (3) years
    • At the end of this time, they must retake the course and pass the exam to be recertified
  • You can check your certification details and training history by logging into your TEAM Trainer account.
    • You can also print certification cards online