Training Committee Vote: Enhancements to PowerPoint Presentation

Changes to Training PowerPoint Presentation

Please cast your vote to share your opinion about the proposed changes and additions to the TEAM training PowerPoint Presentation. We are looking for your opinion on each slide: APPROVE, DISAPPROVE or NO OPINION.

Your votes will tell us if we are ready to share these changes with the Board.

Vote Protocol

  • Quorum of committee members must participate: 7 of 13 members
  • To pass, simple majority must affirm: 4 of 7
  • One vote per committee member
  • Votes must be received by Friday 2/18/22 at 5 PM ET

Please share your opinions on each of the following sides – either changed and added to the standard TEAM Training PowerPoint presentation. Let us know if you APPROVE, DISAPPROVE or have NO OPINION.