Communications & Marketing Committee Strategic Goals Survey

Please review the information below and complete the survey. The results will be shared before the next committee meeting.

  1. Committee Description: The TEAM Marketing & Communications committee is made up of TEAM Coalition member organizations who contribute to the development and execution of marketing and communication efforts to further the success of TEAM coalition.
  2. Committee Objectives:
    1.  Develop and bolster TEAM’s evolved approach to communications and marketing to build awareness of the organization and its efforts among multi-stakeholder groups
    2. Guide the creation of an effective marketing strategy that clearly articulates TEAM’s value proposition and achievements
    3. Monitor and support TEAM’s progress on executing key marketing and communications initiatives
  3. Roles & Responsibilities : At a high level, TEAM’s role is to execute marketing and communications workstreams and the committee’s role is to provide strategic feedback and guidance to guide TEAM’s efforts and ensure a robust strategy and work plan are in place.
    1. Liz’s role:
      1. Set up meetings
      2. Lead committee meetings and own agenda
      3. Own project management docs and communicate status updates
      4. Project management for key marketing & communications initiatives
      5. Take meeting minutes and share following each meeting
    2. Jill’s role
      1. Oversee TEAM marketing and communications effort
      2. Own budget and work with C&M committee to allocate budget to support the aligned upon 2021 work plan
    3. Committee member roles:
      1. Support the development of the organization’s marketing and communications strategy
      2. Provide feedback on marketing and communications projects
      3. Monitor progress on key initiatives
      4. Strategically prioritize TEAM’s marketing and communications scope and pipeline as well as the resources allocated to each initiative
    4. Committee chair role:
      1. Work closely with TEAM to ensure committee feedback is guiding the organization’s work plan as it pertains to marketing and communications efforts
      2. Play a leading role in committee meetings to guide group discussion, distill key action items and guide 2021 roadmap development (in conjunction with TEAM)
      3. Liaise with Jill, the TEAM BOD and other committee chairs to drive progress on key initiatives and represent the M&C committee POV

If you have any questions please email