Special Project: Alcohol Certification for S&E Venues

Special Project

Please review the three (3) different options for a Special Project. You will then cast your vote to rank the special projects from first choice to third choice. The project with the most votes will be implemented in calendar year 2022.

Alcohol Certification for Sports and Entertainment Facilities

    • Establish national recognition program for S&E facilities
    • Elite level of commitment to alcohol responsibility, for which facilities apply
    • Not as cumbersome as the Support Anti-Terrorism by Fostering Effective Technologies (SAFETY) Act, but similar in concept
    • Criteria:
      • Proof of implementation of reasonable efforts
        • All orgs operating in venue must train employees
        • 50% of employees must have current certification
        • Consumer program for alcohol responsibility offered for all events
      • Senior management makes public commitment to prioritize alcohol management
    • Maintaining Certification
      • Renewal every three (3) years
      • Must show enhanced efforts as compared to original application or most recent renewal

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