Summer 2021 Coalition Meeting Materials: Membership Votes

19 member organizations cast ballots. All 5 items were approved.

At the Summer 2021 TEAM Coalition meeting, we asked our 22 member organizations to cast their ballots on an unprecedented number of votes. In total, TEAM member organizations made 5 key decisions for the organization.

  • Fiscal Year 2022 Budget

    Fiscal Year 2022 Budget

    Expected FY 2022 Revenue = $812,945

    Revenue Assumptions

    • All 22 member organizations pay dues
    • Tiered membership proposal is approved by membership at Summer 2021 Coalition meeting
    • Sponsorship services fee proposal is approved by membership at Summer 2021 Coalition meeting
    • 25,000 facility employees become TEAM-certified (combination of online and in-person)
    • 80 trainers become certified at Instructor Development Program (IDP) workshops
    • 40 trainers become re-certified online
    • $40,000 NHTSA grant

    Expected FY 2022 Expenses = $728,000

    Expense Assumptions

    • $480,000 in salaries, benefits and operations ($40,000 monthly operating expense)
    • $80,000 in staff time to manage responsibility programs for member leagues and baseball Clubs
    • $60,000 for Brainshark and Glimmernet in support of training
    • $28,000 for travel to member events
    • $25,000 in loan repayments
    • $40,000 for NHTSA traffic safety ad buy with
    • $15,000 for beverage alcohol member events outside of member leagues

    Expected Net Income = $84,945

  • Tiered Membership Proposal

    Tiered Membership Proposal

    The goals of the membership restructuring are to:

    • Establish tiers to better align value proposition by industry segment and individual member organizations
    • Strengthen relationship with existing members
    • Grow membership

  • Sponsorship Services Proposal

    Sponsorship Services Proposal

    The Sponsorship Support Services would provide a new revenue source for TEAM Coalition. The projected responsibility program expenses are based on the 2021 sponsorship agreements between beverage alcohol TEAM members and member leagues as well as the 30 MLB Clubs supported by TEAM Coalition.

  • Director-at-Large Candidate - Jeff Jannarone

    Director-at-Large Candidate
    Jeff Jannarone
    Alcohol and Drug Investigations/Dram Shop Expert


    Jeff’s career path aligns with many of TEAM Coalition’s key issues.  Jeff served in law enforcement with the Monmouth County Sheriff’s Department in New Jersey and the Rutgers University Police Department. In that capacity he was also an Emergency Medical Technician. He currently serves as the Commissioner of the Wall, NJ Township Fire District Number 2.

    For more than two decades, Jeff has been a trainer and Master Trainer for TAM (Techniques of Alcohol Management), an alcohol server training program provided by the National Hospitality Institute. Jeff is also a certified TiPS trainer and a ServSafe Alcohol Instructor. Jeff became a TEAM trainer in 2020.

    Jeff has been retained by both plaintiff and defense law firms across the United States. To date, Jeff has been retained on over 200 cases, some of which involve sports stadiums.

    Jeff has his own consulting firm where his team conducts compliance inspections for venues both large and small. His consulting firm assists venues to become Safety Act certified by the United States Office of Homeland Security.

  • Logo Refresh

    Logo Refresh

    We appreciate the donation from Constellation Brands to refresh the TEAM Coalition logo. The Strategic Plan challenged us to rethink what value TEAM Coalition brings to the sports and entertainment industry. Refreshing the logo is part of that effort. Strategy32 did the work. The decision to move forward is up to you.

Voting Results

Yea Nay Abstain Passed
Director-at-Large 17 1 Yes
Logo Refresh 18 1 Yes
FY 2022 Budget 18 1 Yes
Tiered Membership 18 1 Yes
Sponsorship Support Services 17 1 1 Yes