Remote TEAM Training Options

In response to COVID-19 TEAM Coalition is offering two options for employees/participants to become TEAM Certified:

How will remote Online TEAM Training Sessions be conducted?

OPTION 1: A certified TEAM Trainer(s) will host a Zoom presentation to conduct TEAM Training.

  • Session should take no more than 3 hours to review the TEAM training material
  • Participant involvement and open discussion as if the session was taught in a classroom setting is highly encouraged
  • Certification exam link is to be sent immediately after the session for the participant to complete

OPTION 2: Employees complete self-paced TEAM Training by using Brainshark presentation customized by organization and facility.

  • Participants receive a link from a certified TEAM Trainer
  • Participants complete the interactive online training and complete an exam at the end of the training
  • Participants can complete the training on their own time and schedule

What are the associated costs?

TEAM Trainers must purchase access to the online employee training product in bundles of no less than 50 employees. There is no expiration date for trainers to share the access link with employees. Reports of employees completing the online training will be provided on a weekly or monthly basis. Online employee training access must be paid for in advance. Online TEAM Training access are only sold in increments of 50 and will include bulk discounts.

Access for first 50 Participants (minimum; $15 per access) $750
Access for 50 Participants (after initial 50; $15 per access) $750
Access for 100 Participants (after initial 50; $14 per access) $1,400
Access for 200 Participants (after initial 50; $13 per access) $2,600
Access for 300 Participants (after initial 50; $12 per access) $3,600
Access for 400 Participants (after initial 50; $11 per access) $4,400
Access for 500+ Participants (after initial 50; $10 per access) $5,000


Logistics of remote TEAM Training Session?

TEAM Participant Certification Exams will be conducted with Brainshark.

A link with training materials and the opportunity to take the certification exam will be provided to certified TEAM trainers who wish to conduct remote online TEAM training.

Online TEAM Training resources will be customized to the specific venue and will include vignettes and the certification exam.

Who will conduct the Online TEAM Training?

The standard online TEAM training presentation will be customized by the local certified TEAM trainer for the organization and facility. administered and taught by certified TEAM Trainers.

Will my employees be certified to serve alcohol?

The online TEAM training is designed for all job functions in sports and entertainment facilities. For employees who serve alcohol at events, they must complete the Level 2 certification exam. If employees pass the Level 2 certification exam, they will be certified to serve alcohol.

Employee certification is good for 3 years.

How can my facility and I keep track of my employees who become certified online?

Certification cards will be sent directly to employees who pass the certification exam.

Weekly or monthly reports will show which participants completed and passed the training. Reports will be sent directly to the trainer.

How do I get started?

First things first. Before you customize the online training for your employees and purchase access for them, you must become a certified TEAM Trainer. Starting in Spring 2020, TEAM will offer Zoom IDP Workshops. Each will have a limit of 10 participants. You will receive a confirmation email from TEAM Coalition after registering with more information. Once sporting events and concerts resume, TEAM Coalition will terminate the Zoom IDPs and return to the standard in-person IDPs.

Do not hesitate to contact us if you are interested in additional information.