Responsibility Has Its Rewards Sweepstakes

TEAM Coalition and Major League Baseball support the designated driver programs at MLB ballparks every season with a special incentive called the Responsibility Has Its Rewards (RHIR) sweepstakes. TEAM Coalition is the sponsor of the sweepstakes and conducts the sweepstakes during the MLB regular season. Fans who register to be a designated driver pledge to not drink alcohol, drive their friends and family home safely, and ensure that everyone always buckles up. That registration is also an entry into the RHIR sweepstakes

At the end of the season, one Designated Driver for the Season from each Club is selected. The Designated Drivers for the Season from the Clubs that compete in World Series will each receive the Grand Prize of the Sweepstakes. The Grand Prize of the Sweepstakes is two (2) tickets to the first World Series game played in the home ballpark of their favorite MLB Club.

A First Prize for the RHIR sweepstakes is also awarded. The 28 remaining Designated Drivers for the Season whose Clubs do not compete in the World Series are qualified to win the first prize. The first prize is a trip to the MLB All-Star Game during the next MLB season. That winner will be chosen randomly from the remaining 28 Designated Drivers for the Season. The All-Star Game® trip includes two (2) tickets to the game, round trip airfare, and hotel accommodations (if necessary).

Entrants for the Responsibility Has Its Rewards sweepstakes are all MLB fans who pledged to be the designated driver for their friends and family at an MLB ballpark during the regular season. Entry was also available online or by mail.

To promote this incentive, TEAM produced TV and radio PSAs. The TV PSAs aired on local broadcast stations in MLB markets, and they were also played on the video boards in MLB ballparks. The radio PSAs aired on local radio stations and national radio networks.

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